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I don't remember when it started but I do remember when it became a part of me.  I always had a love for music and performing but that first time singing karaoke at the fair when I was 13 sealed my fate.  I knew what I wanted to do.  Fast forward a few years and there I was busy  hosting my own karaoke show all over town.  Not playing any instrument proficiently, it was my outlet to sing and entertain. 

After 11 years of singing karaoke I left the recorded music behind and joined a band.  What a change that was!  But I still wanted more...  Sure it was a thrill to stand in front of a live band and bear my soul through my voice but I was still dependent on others to perform.  I was on a mission to stand on my own.

July 6, 2016 I made the commitment to learn to play my guitar I had owned for quite some time.  Finally, my beautiful Breedlove would be used for what it was made to do!  Thanks to some failed lessons, blood (literally), sweat, tears, frustration, sore and calloused fingers, countless hours and some amazing friends I played my first solo gig just over a year later.  I still have much to learn and a long way to go but I am doing it and growing every day!

Currently I perform with Gar Ashby as Ashberry Jam.  We are an acoustic duo most of the time and occasionally bring our friends along for a full band experience.  Check out the Events page and come to a show, we would love to see you! 

Outside of music my passions include my family, horses, snowmobiles, and anything outdoors.  It is incredible to discover what I was born to do.  I hope everyone gets the chance to make that discovery.  Life is short and meant to be lived! Attitude is everything and success only comes before work in the dictionary.  Be bold, be brave, be beautiful, and most importantly be YOU!

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