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First blog.... crack the egg!

Although kept from the cyber world except for a few daring souls, my website has been published but not promoted. After all of my hard work, what was I waiting for? Well.... I wanted to have my first blog ready to go to complete every tab of my self promoting creation. The question of what to write about doomed me. I have never considered myself a writer much less a blogger. After months of this beautiful website just sitting it dawned on me tonight that I do in fact blog. Each and every Facebook post is a form of blogging. With that said I am writing my first blog with frozen fingers, hay in my hair, and a broken egg in my pocket. Huh? Well since you asked I’ll fill you in with a little taste of my chaotic country life....

It starts with time change. The short dreary days of going to work in the dark and driving home in the dark. I’m not a fan and neither are my chickens. Nine glorious butt nugget producing hens have been on strike for weeks due to molting and a lack of daylight hours. Going from eight or nine scrumptious eggs per day down to zero has been a hard egg for me to swallow. After I bought grocery store eggs last week (yuck!) I had a talk with my feathered friends. I told them to either start giving up the goods or it will be off with someone’s head. My pep talk must have worked. Tonight (in the dark) when I was feeding the free-loading girls there it was, shining like a new penny.... a scrumptious, protein packed, fresh egg! I tucked it in my coat pocket for safe keeping. Next on my nightly chore list was to feed my four horses. As I am throwing hay above my head into the feeder I miss. Half of hay comes crashing back on my head creating a green blizzard all around me. This has happened to me many times before and I just laugh at myself then move on with life picking hay out of my hair and unmentionables for the next few hours. What made this time different from the others? I begin brushing the green mess from my barn clothes as I have many times before.... then it happened. I felt the familiar crunch in my pocket and realized what I had done. Noooo!!!! I had just broken the rare, beautiful, golden, delicious, organic, farm fresh egg. I have broken many eggs since starting my chicken adventures but this time it was different. I was actually sad about it and had a brief moment of silence as I picked the crushed, slimy, shells from my pocket.

So, there you have it. A glimpse into my country life and my first blog post. I cracked the egg!

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